Most of the private English-medium schools in Nepal have been established with a view to make profit. New SADLE has conducted a socially oriented school named “Lovely Angels Angreji Abashya School” which takes student from nursery to grade ten. The school has been registered with the Ministry of Education since 2000. Currently, there are 500 students enrolled at the school. New SADLE is the sole owner of the school and the Principal is appointed by the Management Committee of New SADLE.

The school aims to provide schooling facilities to pupils on the following basis:

  • At least 60% of total number of students is able to pay normal tuition fees like in other private schools. However, the tuition fees haven’t been raised to make profit
  • 40% of children are taken from the project and other poor and underprivileged ones. Under privileged and poor children are taken on the basis of merit by the Management Committee of New SADLE. These 40% children also include children of all the staff/employees of New SADLE, irrespective of whether or not they have a disability.

Additionally, New SADLE supports two other schools.

There is also “Lovely Angels Community School in Dhandkhola”. Like the Lovely Angels Angreji Abashya School in Kapan, the one in Dhandkhola aims to have at least 60% of the total number of students paying full tuition fees  and 40% of the pupils are underprivileged and taken on the basis of merit. The main difference between the two schools is that the school in Dhandkhola is focused on girls.

The third is “Nepal Rastriya Namuna School, Kalaiya” which is the only public school of the three supported by New SADLE. New SADLE acts as a partner with this school which provides quality education and about 30% of teachers’ salaries at this school are paid for by New SADLE.